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For unbeatable value and content, discover the future of Live TV with MyTvBoss, the leading service provider available today.

With a large database available at your fingertips we offer thousands of Live TV channels, including your Favorite Sports, Movies, and T.V shows on up to 5 device’s such as Android, IOS, Firestick, TV, Tablet, Smart Phone and PC for 1 low price and in HD quality.

(Firestick or Android devices RECOMMENDED)


Round the Clock Support

Our professional support team is on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help answer any of your questions or concerns.

High Speed Servers

Continuous updates and upgrades to our servers allow for lightning-quick streaming. Our commitment to your user experience is our ultimate goal as a valued customer of MyTvBoss

Frequently Asked Questions
 How do I subscribe to the service?
  • Signup for a free account
  • Log in to your website account
  • Enter in packages and subscribe
  • Subscription username and password confirmation will be sent to your email within 15 minutes after payment is completed.
  • You can log in and check for payments status on your website account at any time. 
What form of payment is accepted?
  • We accept PayPal, Credit/Debit, and BitCoin payments. Make sure to keep recurring payments enabled so your subscription doesn't stop unexpectedly. Recurring payments can guarantee your subscription to keep the same price of the package as long as you are a subscriber or have not cancelled your subscription.
Why does it say my username and password is incorrect?
  • Your username and password for the MyTvBoss app should be all numbers that were sent to you when your subscription was completed. Do not get confused with your website username and password.
How do I request/report a channel issue?
  • You must install the Telegram on your phone or computer then join us in the Telegram group to report any issues or to request any video-on-demand.
Why is my payment pending?
  • PayPal can take up to 15 minutes, sometimes longer to mark payment complete, also PayPal does not accept Prepaid Cards for recurring payments. If you have a prepaid card linked to your PayPal then your subscription will be marked as "payment pending" and a subscription won't be created. You will need a regular bank card linked to PayPal instead.
  • Contact us in the Telegram group if you belive there is an issue.
How can I cancel my subscription?
  • You can start or stop your account at any time. Log in using your website username and password to manage your subscription. There are no cancellation fees and your service will still work until expire date. Alternatively, log in to your PayPal account and cancel recurring payments.

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